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Britons await quarantine on holiday in Portugal

Portugal is no longer an epidemiologically safe country by Great Britain. London on Thursday ranked it from green to amber as a popular tourist destination among the English. The stress has hit Britons on holiday on the Portuguese coast, totally unprepared, as they will be quarantined for ten days after their return to England.

“You came to enjoy,” said a British tourist, “and suddenly you find yourself on the list of amber, though it was green.”

Portugal’s economy, like other southern European countries, is highly dependent on the success of the summer tourist season. London’s austerity was not well received in any country.

We hope that the British government will change its current decision in the coming weeks and allow travelers to return to Portugal, because we are ready for that. This is a safe country. The number of new cases is very low, everyone is following the rules and we want everything to go back to normal again, Pedro Neto, CEO of Villa Monte Farm House, said.

– It has no justification or meaning. Portugal has a similar infection rate to the UK, and there are regions with much higher infection rates. By doing so, they are ignoring their own rules,” said Johan Lundgren, CEO of Easyanet.

More than 5,000 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in the UK on Thursday, the highest number of cases per day since March.

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