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Bucks: Robert Waltner is already seeing the new Zoltan Gera

Robert Waltner Paxson works with passionate footballers, and believes that Balint Szabo has the potential to make it into the national team.

As head coach, Robert Waltner is now in a good position and can prepare for the new championship season with good and disciplined players (Photo: Baxi FC)

When it was revealed on May 26 that Robert Waltner would replace Gyorgy Bognar, who has left for MTK Budapest as sporting director, on the Baxi FC bench, the 44-year-old didn’t hide for a moment how much he was looking forward to it. Working with football players. On June 13, preparations began, so we asked the Paks head coach to share his most important experiences with us after three weeks of training.

“From the moment it became clear that I would continue with the Bucks, I have been waiting for the first meeting with the players, the start of work start the conversation Robert Waltner. What are three weeks behind us? Everyone who is with us is motivated, I can’t say a bad word, they are all preparing with honor. Obviously we will be playing football with different tactics than before and for that to work it takes time to practice, but the team members will do what I ask with discipline. The atmosphere is good, everyone in the club wants to help, I feel good in every aspect. There is still plenty of time left in the transfer window, and no major movement is expected. Unfortunately, Ádám Martin is leaving, this was already known before, but at the same time, I am confident that Barnabas Varga, who signed from Gyirmót, will recover from his minor injury as quickly as possible and help our team. What I’ve seen of him in training so far is encouraging, and could clearly mean reinforcement. It is possible that one or two more players will join us, but it doesn’t just depend on our club.”

We still have four weeks to go and Pac has already played four matches: they beat KSK 12-0, Erksi Kenesi 17-0, beat BFC Siofok 3-2, then in Donaszerdahle, they beat DAC 3-1 from a deficit .

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Bálint Szabó may be able to reach you from Paks
Even the national team… (Photo: Miklos Szabo)

“The first two games were good to see players I didn’t know much about, so players coming back from loan or coming from NB III Waltner continued.Siófok was already a much bigger playing force, but it’s worth knowing who comes from which job in such situations. Against the DAC, for example, he showed that the opponent is much fresher, especially in the first half we had a hard time moving, we saw what needed to be improved, but the period after the break was already very good. It was good to see the players put themselves in all the meetings. Among the youngsters, Simone Barnabas is a talented goalkeeper, if he develops in this way, he will be at the front, and I can also say good things about Zalan Debrecen, Gabor Vas and Jergo Giorquets. If they do the necessary work, they will have a bright future ahead. I would also like to mention Balint Szabo, who is a little older than them, already has experience at the top, and is no longer under the youth law. If he becomes more humble in defense – and I can see that he does -, works hard and plays disciplined and balanced football, he could get into the national team, he could be the new Zoltan Gera! “

The Paks footballers have a rest for the weekend, next week they will prepare in a local environment (with a match against Szeged-Csanád Grosics Academy and TVE in the third round), then travel to Slovenia for a training camp. The start of the league is the match against Mole Vervar – Robert Waltner was not surprised by this.

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Odam Martin (Photo: Miklos Szabo)

“When we got promoted with Kaposvár, we played a very good match in Székesfehérvár despite the four defeats at the start, and last year in the first round the ZTE-Mol Fehérvár championship ended in a draw. I was not surprised, it seems that God wanted me to start the tournament against Fehérvár for the third time. And I hope that the first victory will come at the end.”


It is still unknown where he will continue his career, as he scored 31 goals in the previous season Adam MartinBut it may soon become clear which team will buy him from the Paks contract . The case may be over in a week or two Gabor Babb, the football player’s manager, told our newspaper. –All I can say is that he can move to a club where he can develop, and thus become a stable member of the national team.”