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BVB: Erling Haaland’s next match in question this year

German picture Dortmund’s Bundesliga star, 21-year-old Erling Haaland, may not be able to play in 2021 due to a thigh injury.

Erling Haaland’s next game in doubt this year (Picture: AFP)


Dortmund has an additional 12 stakes left until Christmas (Bundesliga and Champions League totals). All this is possible for his top scorer, who in the current competition can score up to 13 goals and 4 assists in 10 matches. Haaland without forcing them to play a starring role in the league.

The Norwegian star returned from his muscle injury last weekend in the Bundesliga match against Mainz, and then played the Champions League match against Ajax on Tuesday, but the coach stated that he was in another place, but his previous injury was repeated.

Bild knows that, contrary to previous assumptions, Haaland sustained a severe hip injury, so his play this year is questionable. However, Black and Yellow did not issue an official notification that their player was injured.

Former Frankfurt striker Jan Aage Fuertoft – a close friend of the Haaland family – gave an interview to one of the Norwegian TV channels.

“The match against Ajax (Amsterdam won 4-0) could have been their last game of the year” Summoned former football player picture.

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