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By 2040, human civilization may collapse

It was predicted as early as 1972, and it seems to be coming true more and more.

In 1972, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the world’s leading engineering university, came to the conclusion that Yale Journal of Industrial Ecology In their study published in a scientific journal (growth limitsin Hungarian: growth limits), which – which By the middle of the twenty-first century, our civilization may collapse due to rapid industrial growth and globalization.

This was achieved with the help of a computer model that relied on five variables (population, food production, industrialization, environmental pollution, non-renewable natural resources), which trends were measured in the 1970s, how industrial production and the economy were. The infrastructure may change in subsequent decades.

He is a senior analyst at one of the world’s leading audit, tax and business advisory firms, KPMG, Gaya Herrington recently pulled this device out 50 years ago predictionwho – which fight Currently with the data available to us. And the thing is that

The predictions of 1972 are so close to reality, that if everything continues as described, civilization could collapse by 2040.

Harrington emphasized that this does not mean that humanity will die, but rather that economic and industrial development (growth) will stop, and this reduce Food production can lead to a deterioration in the standard of living.

(Source: Vice, KPMG(Photo: Getty Images)

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