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Call of Duty Warzone constantly bans scammers: 50,000 accounts in just one week!

Activision has once again proven that it deals with scammers strictly and confirmed that over 50,000 accounts have been banned in the past week. Call of Duty Warzone. Call of duty In a game also confirmed by the developers of Battle Royale based on Raven Software, the popular FPS saga.

The company notes that foreclosures occurred in waves and targeted “opposites and others”. This way, according to the data, there have been more than 500,000 permanent bans in Warzone since the free game was released in March 2020. A few months ago, they were still at 350,000

In order to keep the experience smooth and enjoyable for all players, this has been proven right from the start in anti-fraud, such as aimbots or any other third party software used to manipulate game data and gain an advantage in combat. However, there are users who continue to “enjoy” like this, knowing that Activision will ban them as soon as they are discovered.

Furthermore, Activision has publicly disclosed the inconvenience caused by fraudsters who, in statements to VGC, “spoil our best work” from Amos Hodge, the game’s creative director. However, more than 100 million players have become familiar with Warzone, which is constantly expanding with new content and opportunities. And with a lower fraud rate.

Source: Source: GamesRadar

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