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Can older games get the PS5 upgrade?

All indications are that games released on the PS3 console may also be subject to mandatory crimping, as they may appear on the PS5 Web Store.

It looks like Sony’s long-rumored Spartacus will be a big competitor to the hugely popular Xbox Game Pass, so titles can be ported from both old PS consoles to next-gen hardware – even if PS Now and PS Plus are rumored to have merged. one package.

PS5 online store has already found official listings for dead or alive 5 and similar ancient surnames, Made for PS3 onlyThis means that they were able to pave the way for exclusive Sony creations under the new programme.

First, Jordan Midler stated that on Twitter With that, some PlayStation 3 games will only appear on the PS5 Store initially dead or alive 5Limited to, but the list has since been expanded to Bejeweled 3-money in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones HDtravel is.

Needless to say, this is not a file Sony Spartacus function official confirmationThere is a good chance that this is just a visual flaw in the PS Store, however the availability of PS3 games on the latest PlayStation consoles will be so new that Microsoft’s gaming division may face unexpected competition.

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