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Can Pfizer be given to AstraZeneca? The first data has been published

The world’s first clinical trial to study the effects of mixing vaccines was commissioned by the British government and led by the University of Oxford. The university has received £ 7 million in government funding for clinical trials.

Participants in a program called Com-COV They received one dose of AstraZeneca, followed by four weeks later one dose of Pfizer, or vice versa. In the first study, 830 volunteers were recruited to work with test subjects over the age of 50. In April, the university also launched the Com-COV2 research with an additional 1,050 volunteers, with the second program combining Moderna and Novavax vaccines.

According to the preliminary data published, those who received the vaccine had a higher rate of side effects than those in the control group who were vaccinated with only one type of vaccine.

The severity of the side effects ranged from mild to moderate, and the most common reactions were chills, fatigue, fever, joint pain, malaise, muscle aches, and injection site pain.

So far, researchers have described data for people over the age of 50 and added to this Side effects may be more common in the younger age group with combination vaccines (For example, this was the case in the original vaccine clinical trials when the vaccines were not mixed.)

The idea behind mixing vaccines was that it could make immunization more effective. To date, immune responses have not been studied, just whether it is safe to mix vaccines, but this is the case. Side effects were short-lived and there were no other safety risks associated with the vaccines The study states. Data are set to be published in the coming months, and in the meantime, studies are also starting to examine whether regular and early use of paracetamol reduces the potential for side effects.

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