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Can you get a level editor for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II?

Fifteen years ago, community content production was no stranger to the Call of Duty series, and this year’s episode may return to its roots. It is rumored that you may come to Modern Warfare II with a level editor.

Over the past few years, Call of Duty Studios has maintained a once-thriving Modder community on short series. That could change this fall, with rumors that Modern Warfare 2 could debut with the official Track Editor Toolkit. Ralfalval, The franchise’s trusted leaker revealed that the editor’s idea had already been raised during Modern Warfare 2019, but a tool for building community creativity could come first with this year’s game Infinity Ward and Treyarch’s free-to-play Project 2023 — the latter also just a rumor nowadays.

According to the link, using the path editor is likely to modify existing paths, as it is not designed to create entirely new sites. While we may not be able to reconfigure the geometry of the tracks, we can enjoy track boundaries, spawn points, and settings for different game modes, but we can also change the appearance of locations to a certain level by replacing landmarks on the route.

Installing the path editor may be suitable for the return of the series on the Steam platform. If having a proper moderator toolbar isn’t straightforward, there shouldn’t be much of a hindrance to hosting player-generated content later in Steam Workshop.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will be released on October 28. The exact platform list is not yet known.