There are still so-called “head-up” displays in cars, but this will be of a different level.

Volvo Cars has become an investor in an Israeli startup that is developing optical technologies, and is working on a tech solution that makes the entire windshield on display at the same time. Spectralics is developing a Multi-Layer Thin Optical Film (MLTC) that could revolutionize image display in cars as well.

The film can be basically any size and shape, and it can be applied to both the windshield and the side windows of the car. However, Volvo has not yet announced when this technology will be ready for commercialization.

The Swedish automaker is working with other companies on other lines, operating in Silicon Valley this summer. Luminar Lidar Radars that will soon be used in their mass-production cars as well. Lidars, laser remote sensors, are fitted to cars as a compact unit, and Volvo says they are more efficient and cheaper than cameras and radar systems from competitors like Tesla. The Lidar can see up to 250 meters in front of the car, even in bad weather, which means about 7.5 seconds at a speed of 110 km / h.

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