The EQXX isn’t another powerful electric SUV that showcases yet another powerhouse, but it’s an electric vehicle for maximum efficiency.

a mercedes take place in Las Vegas those He used a trade show to lift the veil on his latest electric car, the View about EQXX.

It measures 4.63 meters in length and has a wheelbase of 2.8 meters For the current Class C The more compact novelty has a standard low air resistance of just 0.17 cd. The new product, which received a special rim and rubber, as well as active aerodynamic elements, weighs only 1,750 kilograms.

The battery pack is about half the size we have The EQS website has recently been thoroughly tested, while being 30 percent lighter and a similar capacity of 100 kWh. The 900V system battery weighs 495kg on the scale.

Factories indicate a consumption of about 10 kWh and a range of more than 1,000 km, in which the rear electric motor of 204 hp also plays an important role. The roof is covered by a 117-cell solar panel, which promises an additional range of 25 kilometers.

A 120cm-wide 8K display dominates the dashboard of the four-seater electric car, with much of the cabin made from recycled materials.

The EQXX is still just one study, but it’s not too far from being put into series production.

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