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Carlsen took the lead with a record victory –

After five draws, the first victory in the World Chess Championship final was born in Dubai. Magnus Carlsen won an unprecedented long hand against Jan Nepomnigashi. After nearly eight hours of play, the match ended with 136 moves – they had never played this long in a World Cup Final.

The sixth coast has been identified (Image: Getty Images)


Carlsen and Nyepomnjaschi played with the net an astonishingly long battle with each other. The Norwegian got a small advantage at the end of the game, which Nippongashi would have had a good chance of if he played exactly. A “minimal” job was created for the Norwegian, with few advantages but without the risk of defeat.

The party took too long. At 13.30 Hungarian time, Carlsen took the opening step, the last step was just before ten, that is, they sat at the table for almost eight.

The most step-by-step game in the history of the World Championships was played in 1978 by Anatoly Karpov and Victor Korchnoy. The fifth hand in the doubles match took 124 steps. Now it’s over, because The game is over at step 136.

So Carlsen is driving to 3.5:2.5 after six games.

Full game play…

The cast of competitor Yan Nepomengashi was also enhanced by Peter Liko. Instead of hands-on play, the great coach, who focuses on training and manual work, has a great routine in the field, for example, in 2013 he also helped Viswanathan Anand of India against Carlsen in the World Cup final.

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6. Game

Magnus Carlsen (Norwegian, 2855) – Jan Nepomnyashi (Russian, 2782) 1:0
the job: 3.5: 2.5 in favor of Carlsen
The final match consists of 14 matches and ends when one of the parties reaches 7.5 points. After 7:7, the lower time parties will decide.

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