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Catalin Cariko was awarded the Austrian Prize

Biologist Catalin Cariko was awarded the Golden Arrow for her work in Vienna on Sunday for her role in developing vaccines against the coronavirus.

This year, the Hungarian scientist will be the keynote speaker at the 2022 Scientific Conference at the Vienna Conference, the award-winning Kommenswalt, in Vienna, which will focus on health this year.

Through her research, Katalin Cariko has set a direction for the entire world, which could open new avenues for health in many other areas of medicine, said congressional initiator David Ungar Klein.

According to the businessman, the aim of the award is to indicate the importance of scientific research in the future.

At the award ceremony, Austrian Economy Minister Elisabeth Kostinger praised Katalin Cariko for her “performance in the service of all humanity”. He stressed that the biochemist “has never lost faith in his 40 years of research and has always followed his own path. “This tremendous discipline and perseverance has changed the lives of billions of people.” Tell.

“It is important to confront the facts and contexts as anti-science grows,” said Thomas Zykers, president of the Austrian Medical Chamber.

The Golden Arrow Lifetime Achievement Award has been given annually since 2006 on the occasion of the region’s largest management and business conference to those who have realized extraordinary and visionary ideas in an exceptional way and made the impossible possible – read on the event website.

At the meeting of the Vienna Conference on January 30 and 31, the 19th meeting in a row, 57 speakers from 15 countries, including five Nobel Laureates, will discuss “How to save the future.”

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Cover photo: A five-story mural depicting Katalin Kariko on Krysztina Street in Budapest. (Photo: MTI/Zoltán Balogh)