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Catalog – Abroad – Commemorating the Costa Concordia Victims

The 32 victims of the Costa Concordia submarine, including Hungarian violinist Sandor Fehr, are remembered by sirens in the evening.

A mass will be offered at noon in the port church of Giglio, followed by a wreath on the beach near the scene.

Then the settlement, with a population of 350, provided warm clothes, food, and housing for four thousand people. Four hundred and fifty people found refuge in the island temple that night. The 10th anniversary will be the last public memorial as Giglio wants to leave behind the memory of the tragedy, MTI wrote.

The Costa Concordia is nearly three hundred meters long and seventy meters high, and has 4,429 people on board the Scole-It hit a group of rocks, which cut more than seven meters in the flight side. An eviction order was issued just an hour later. Most of those on board came ashore in lifeboats, while hundreds were caught inside the capsized vessel.

The Costa Concordia was by far the largest cruise ship in the world, having sunk. Only one lifeboat remained with the ship’s bell.

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