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In the middle of March, we were still giving the order newsletterIvan & The Parazol will present Budapest in an unusual way in its new clip. The rock band said about song 11 of the country road Movie Tour series at the time that it would shoot an unconventional travel movie, and the band’s leader, Evan Vitares, asked for help from the audience, that is, fans should recommend places to the girl depicted in the clip (whether it’s a ladder Beautiful, inscription, club entrance, unusual panorama, or even details of a street, windows, places) are important to them for a reason.

Well, the song is done, the clip is over. Ivan & The Parazol’s I Waited Another (directed by Miki357) is the first in this year’s Road Movie series, but it’s the eleventh in a row.

The March invitation appears to have achieved its goal, as in the video, in addition to the Fishermen’s Bastion and Castle Garden Bazaar, the capital’s lesser-known sites, small details, neon, statues, and staircases appear. In accordance with the intentions of the creators, I waited for the other “not only raises his hat again in music and lyrics before the heroes of the era of rhythm, but also the clip shows the legendary Sixth Studio of Hungarian Radio, the exact place of musical life in recent decades.”

Director Mickey 357 says about the clip:

Budapest is my hometown, which is why I was very happy when I had the opportunity to shoot the trailer for Ivan & The Parazol Capital Road. Regarding the project, it became clear to me how many hidden treasures in Budapest still have their roots in Budapest.

This is also confirmed by Ivan Vitares, who considers his visit to places he has not visited in Budapest to be the greatest:

One always thinks that he has lived here a thousand years, has seen everything, and then a building appears, a neon lamp, a street he has not visited before. Paris courtyard roof, Ganz colony, Karoly-Sionic Palace, private staircases, to name a few. I believe that a few hundred thousand faces have now been shown in Budapest, and I hope that the spectators will be excited to see these more beautiful places.

The Road Movie series was launched in 2019. Its primary goal was to present the landscapes of Hungary and the Carpathian Basin, the well-known and lesser-known regions, Lake Balaton, Matra, the Tulna or Kechiges province of Vojvodina, and the Gorgini Mountains through songs and clips. In addition to the clips, the Road Movie Guide travel film is being made, in which the depicted environment plays the main role.

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Norbert Lubinwen, producer of Road Movie, says the pandemic has slowed the work down, but they are now working on more films. One of them introduces Sopron, the city in which a hundred years ago a referendum decided that Sopron should remain Hungarian as the most loyal city. The product puts it like this:

The other song explores the LGT classic, Ours is the Space Here, with many young artists and living legends such as the LGT members. These days we’re filming in and around Miskolc with the Bohemian Betyars, and by the end of the summer the film and clip will be in production commemorating Örs Siklósi, an AWS singer who died tragically young. Örs and AWS made a great song for the Road Movie that we hadn’t released before and unfortunately we couldn’t even make the clip in time with it.

There are expected to be five more films and clips on the way this year, which are already being worked on by the VOLT FILM series.

(Cover Photo: Singer(s) Ivan Vitares at Ivan & The Parazol’s concert on Budapest’s Shipyard Island on the first day of the 24th Sziget Festival on August 11, 2016. Photo: Zoltán Balogh/MTI)