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Catalog – Culture – This year’s Phonogram Awards have been presented, and the winners will be shown

Among others, Erie Mafia, Evan, The Parasol, Blahluisiana, Amoeba, Drish Quartet, Joby Orchestra and Peyton, Hovey also received an audio recording award at an online event on Saturday. The Pyramis Troupe was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Giorgi Komjoi Award for Professional Lifetime Achievement.

At the event organized by the Hungarian Phonographic Publishers Association (Mahasz), the 2022 Awards for Phonograms awarded by a professional jury were presented in 13 domestic and 6 foreign categories. The winners were announced in online videos.

List of winners:

  • Hungarian classic pop rock album or Record of the Year: Irie Mafia – 15 / I Had a Dream
  • Foreign classic pop rock album or Record of the Year: Adele – 30
  • Hungarian modern pop rock album or soundtrack of the year: Blahalouisiana – Don’t Leave It / Don’t Leave It Yet / You Tore My Heart / Our Mark in the Snow
  • Modern Foreign Pop Rock Album or Recording of the Year: Bruno Mars, Anderson. Back and Silk Sonic – An Evening with Silk Sonic
  • Alternative Local Album, Indie Rock, or Record of the Year: Ivan & The Parazol – Budai Pop
  • Alternative or Independent Rock Album or Record of the Year Abroad: Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victime
  • Hungarian Electronic Music Album or Audio Recording of the Year: The New Level Empire – First and Last (x Curtis) / On the Road Again (x Majka) / Visual / Night Can Never End (x Soho Party) / You Are Just Like This (& Wolf Kati feat. Horváth Boldi)
  • Foreign Electronic Music Album or Record of the Year: Joel Corey – Wish (feat. Mabel) / Out (x Jax Jones feat. Charlie XCX and Saweetie) / Bed (x Raye x David Guetta) / Bed (x Raye)
  • Hungarian Rap or Hip Hop Album or Sound Recording of the Year: Beton.Hofi – Comic Sins
  • Foreign Rap, Hip Hop Album, or Recording of the Year: Slowthai – Tyron
  • Local Rock, Metal Album, or Record of the Year: Thy Catafalque – Wild
  • Foreign Hard Rock or Metal Album or Record of the Year: Maneskin – Teatro d’ira – Vol. I
  • Hungarian traditional hit music album or soundtrack of the year: Apostol – Apostol 50
  • Contemporary Hungarian Music Album or Recording of the Year: Amoeba
  • Hungarian Children’s Album or Audio Recording of the Year: Rotkai Puri Panda – Mandulka and Christmas Castle
  • Hungarian Jazz Album or Soundtrack of the Year: Dresch Quartet – In the Shadow
  • Hungarian World or Folk Music Album or Sound Recording of the Year: Góbé Orchestra – Bartók 44 Duo
  • The general finder was false.
  • Soundtrack of the Year: Valmar x Manuel – Burn the Sun (Author’s Edition)
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The Lifetime Achievement Award went to the Pyramid squad.

The most prominent band in the history of Hungarian rock music was in the second half of the seventies, in the early eighties.

Professional Work Award winner György Komjąhy became music editor with the eMeRTon Award and DJ Association Oeuvre Award.

The winners received a sculpture by glass artist Balázs Sipos, winner of the Mahasz Art Competition.

The Phonogram Award – known as the Golden Giraffe Award – was established by the Mahas General Assembly in September 1992 to honor the outstanding successes and achievements of the Hungarian version of the sound recording. The name of the award was Phonogram – Hungarian Music Award since 2004. The award is given to, among other things, the work of artists and publishers who have achieved resounding success in publishing sound recordings.

(Cover photo: Sena Dagadu, singer of Irie Mafia. Photo: Zvegolt Zsolt / index)