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Catalog – Local – Laszlo Koffier considers Peter Marche Z. an idiot

László Kövér was the latest guest in the series of events titled Civic Nightclub. The TV news In the conversation he recorded, polar statements were made when asked what the Speaker of the House thought about Peter Markey-G.

Among other things, Laszlo Koffer said that the winner of the opposition primaries has nothing to do with Christian Democracy, and according to him, Peter Markie G. does not belong to the future of Christian Democratic politics.

Because the tree is known by its fruits. One thing he says about himself, but what he says about the important things in the world, is more important. I mean, you know better about who he is, where he’s coming from, and where he’s going than how he calls himself anyway.

– The justification came from the Speaker of the National Assembly, who also said that he does not believe in Peter Markey G.

I have the same opinion of him as a former minister in the Bagnai government. Or rather for Tamás Deutsch, he is no fool without hostility. I’m sorry, I just moved

– They referred László Kövér to a Facebook post by Péter Oszkó, former Finance Minister in Bajnai’s government, when called him an idiot Peter Markey costume. Incidentally, Peter Osko later put this statement into context, and I apologize for that. Tamas Deutsch, on the other hand strongly agree In a Twitter post with the original statement.

As the President emphasized:

The tragedy occurred several times when, for one reason or another, actual crazy people were put into leadership positions in the country for some reason. Unfortunately, the two are not mutually exclusive, democracy is a dangerous task anyway.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives thinks this is a danger so far threatening us.

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(Cover photo: László Kövér on September 17, 2021. Photo: Tamás Kovács/MTI)