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Catalog – Local – Victor Urban on his way to Goliath

“On the way to Goliath” – Victor Urban wrote on Facebook on Wednesday evening. According to the publication, the prime minister flew to Brussels for a two-day summit there.

What do you expect at the meeting?

  • At a two-day summit in Brussels, council members will consider what can be done at the EU and national level for the benefit of those most affected in the short and medium term, based on the European Commission’s latest package of measures to tackle the surge. Energy prices in the member states.
  • Leaders of member states will also discuss the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic on Friday.
  • Leaders discuss union trade as “the most effective tool for the EU’s global influence”. The meeting participants will discuss how to make better use of the instrument of trade in light of the experience of the past few years.
  • The summit will also address the issue of climate change, in preparation for the European Union’s participation in the UN-sponsored climate conference in Glasgow in mid-November.
  • On Friday’s working day, leaders of member states will also take up the issue of migration and assess the implementation of what was outlined in the June Council’s Final Communiqué.
  • Discussions will also focus on the EU’s goal of securing Europe’s digital transformation, for which leaders will provide further guidance on the relevant agenda, including cybersecurity and connectivity.
  • During the working session, Directors will also discuss recent developments related to the rule of law.

We wrote about it here, according to the prime minister What did Brussels do wrong?

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