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Catalog – Out – Here’s What Everyone Has Been Waiting For: Amazon Is Already Shipping Its Packages With Drones

At the Today Show, the company said it plans to offer packages cheaper than £5 by drone, which will be with the customer within an hour. The drones will ship goods from a factory about 24 kilometers away.

Drones – capable of identifying and avoiding objects in the flight path – will lower beams from a safe height in customers’ backyards.

write the company Register.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not yet responded to notification requests.

It’s been a long way for Amazon to get drones to carry packages, food and other small items, mainly due to strict FAA regulations. Politico.

In order to operate a drone for commercial purposes, companies must obtain a special certification. This is a five-stage licensing process that partially allows small drones to deliver packages “for a fee” out of visible line of sight, that is, outside of normal sight. The same process applies to certification for various flight operations below the level of airspace used by commercial aircraft.

Jeff Bezos dreamed up the idea of ​​delivering drones in 2015, but the FAA just did it in 2020 Amazon has granted a license to deliver drones, making it the third company after Alphabet Inc and United Parcel Service (UPS) to deliver packages with drones.

Finally, the Federal Aviation Administration loosened and relaxed rules for the use of out-of-sight drones in March.

According to Federal Aviation Administration data, Amazon has reported crashes of eight different drones in the past year, including one that caused wildfires in eastern Oregon.

(Cover image: A drone carrying an Amazon package floats in front of the Amazon logistics center in Leipzig on October 28, 2014. Photo: Peter Endig / picture alliance / Getty Images)

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