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Catalog – Tech-Science – A mysterious object has been discovered on the far side of the moon

A cube-shaped UFO has been discovered on the far side of the Moon by a lunar orbiter called Rabbit Jade-2 by the Chinese Chiang’o-4 space probe.

The object is located about 80 meters from the current position of the lunar orbit in the 180-kilometer-wide Von Karmann crater, named after the Hungarian American physicist and flight engineer Todor Karmann.

The most wild speculation on social media has taken wings: According to some, this is the home of the Kuanghan Palace, the moon goddess Chang’o (named after the spacecraft) according to Chinese mythology. Others say it is a trace of an ancient civilization.

Experts say it’s an uneven mass of rock, a piece of stone, or the edge of a volcano’s crater.

A plausible explanation for its shape may be that it was a large stone block discovered in an impact event, Andrew Jones, a specialist in China’s space program, wrote on Twitter.

The solar-powered Jade Rabbit-2 now takes a closer look at the body. However, on the moon, this trip is expected to take 2-3 lunar days, or 2-3 months. The discovery was made as early as November, but the Chinese state news agency was in no rush to announce.

Launched in December 2018, Chiang’o-4 is the first spacecraft to land easily in the Von Karman Crater in the Aitken Basin in Antarctica.

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The science mission will use lunar orbit to make low-frequency radio astronomical observations of lunar surface and surface shapes, mineral composition, neutron radiation levels, and other environmental conditions, MTI reported.