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Catalog – Tech-Science – As a Vodafone company, you don’t want to switch to mobile yet

2021.07.29. 16:14

Everything is still not right with the service provider, mobile customers may have to wait until next Monday.

In early July, Vodafone indicated that from mid-July to the end of the month, more facilities and administrative services will be phased out.

It was planned that mobile management operations would not operate for five days from July 24 to 28, and that the purchase of new devices and services, warranty management, and increased billing both online and in stores would be suspended until July 29. .

Based on the reader’s reference and my own experience, the Vodafone system has not yet been restored, there is no possibility of any administration or registration on the website as a mobile client, only subscribers can take actions in relation to home services

According to the service provider’s customer service, mobile customers will have to wait until July 31 to restore the interface. The Vodafone website states that the transition will last until July 30, so it will not be possible to manage it online or in person.

The service provider said we have contacted Vodafone for information, and the service for customers with a mobile subscription has been successfully renewed in the planned time period, July 24-28. But because of the fine-tuning of the various components of the system by the technical team For another 48 hours continue to work. Customers are asked for patience and understanding.

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