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Catalog – Tech-Science – Astronomers have observed a huge solar flare

Astronomers have observed a much larger than usual solar flare at a distant Sun-like star, estimated to be ten times larger than what scientists have observed on the Sun so far.

The star called EC Draconis is located 111 light-years from the Sun and is similarly a yellow dwarf star. However, it is estimated to be much younger, with an estimated age of only 50-125 million years.

At Draconis, a massive solar flare was observed on April 5, after the orb was continuously observed using several high-energy binoculars from January 2020 onwards. Astronomers have not noticed this scale before. Perception is also important because there is the possibility of a similar phenomenon occurring in our sun, in prehistoric times.

Incidentally, it was previously speculated that a solar flare of this magnitude would be conceivable for yellow dwarf stars, but no practical example has yet been seen. The geomagnetic storm it generates could be so powerful that it could affect Earth, said Yuta Notsu, a researcher at the University of Colorado. Analyzed data from solar flares since April 5, 2020 and study on December 9, 2021 published In the scientific journal Nature Astronomy.

In recent months, strong solar flares and solar storms have often been observed at the sun. We asked an ELTE researcher about the possible effects of a particularly strong solar flare.


(Cover Image: Japan National Astronomical Observatory)

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