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Catalog – Tech-Science – Duck of the Year: Goose liver made in a lab

He said a startup in Paris makes foie gras from duck cells in the lab, as an alternative to traditional foie gras. European Parliament for Last month he proposed a ban on stuffing geese and ducks.

Foie gras, a specialty of French cuisine, was banned in California years ago because it had to be stuffed with animals. A similar move is being taken in New York, animal stuffing has been banned in Britain while a ban on the sale of goose liver is also being considered.

We want to prove that lab-produced meat is not limited to burgers, but can also be used to produce gastronomic products.

said Nicholas Maureen Forrest, one of the three founders of a company called Gourmey.
This month, the company received tens of millions of dollars from European and US investors to improve their products, which has been developing technology for making artificial foie gras in a university research laboratory for two years. The founders of the company include molecular and cellular biologists.

I served my family for Christmas along with the traditional foie gras, but I didn’t tell them what to eat. They were happy, they didn’t notice the difference

remember Sayous, who says áIn terms of quality, their product actually meets 90 percent expectations. They had about six hundred attempts until they got this far.

The recipe begins with cells extracted from fertilized duck eggs, which are placed in an aluminum tank containing medium maintained at 37°C. As the cells divide and multiply, the nutrients promote liver cell growth and goose livers are formed within two to three weeks. Add a little vegetable fat to get a creamy texture. The researchers are now “tuning” the result with the help of chefs.

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