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Catalog – Tech-Science – Elon Musk is already working on developing humanoid robots

Known for his bold, future-oriented ideas, the Tesla leader, with his usual extravagance in business and technology, is recently working on a humanoid robot, expected to be a prototype next summer, edge.

Elon Musk, who has spoken multiple times before of sci-fi nightmares, revealed an AI that comes alive and escapes on its own, that the Tesla robot is meant to be friendly. The Tesla Bot is tentatively scheduled to weigh 56 to 57 pounds — at least according to amateur boxing rules.

It also turns out that the internal programming language still mentions the newcomer under the codename Optimus.

By the way, according to his recent statements, Musk envisions a future in which robotics will have dangerous and boring stages of work, and for us as humans, it will only become an option from now on whether we want to work.

Tesla currently has only one mannequin version of the planned robot, which is not yet operational.

But before anyone gets caught up in their imagining of a world in which work isn’t a duty, but an opportunity, at this point, it’s worth remembering the dizzying failures that followed Tesla’s large-scale advertising, including the glorious history of the failure of Tesla’s solar panels.

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