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Catalog – Tech-Science – I have the herb of the year

The herb’s tail of the year was chosen as the herb of the year by the Herbal Division of the Hungarian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MGYT) in 2022.

According to the company’s announcement, the common yarrow in the Hungarian Pharmacopoeia (Aquilia millefolium) Officially, but in Hungary it is mainly the tail of the field (Aquilea Colina) Flowering buds are collected and used. Herbal tea is used to relieve digestive pain associated with stomach and intestinal cramps, as an appetite suppressant, and for menstrual cramps. It is used externally to treat superficial wounds, urinary tract infections, rectal infections, and gynecological diseases. The medicinal use of yarrow is considered safe, as it is a popular herb in Hungary as a raw material for many tea blends, cosmetics, and dietary supplements.

The Herbal Department of MGYT aims to contribute to the popularization of the professional use of herbs. By selecting the herb of the year, interest is focused on new herbs each year, and knowledge about the selected plant, the most important information regarding its effect and application can reach a wide range of interested parties.

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