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Catalog – Tech-Science – MIT announces a plastic stronger than its target

The weight of the new material, announced by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is similar to that of plastic and stronger than steel. temper nature in columns.

The new patented material is the result of a new type of polymerization process. Polymers consisting of long chain molecules known to date consist of long, one-dimensional chains. Sheet-forming 2D polymers have long been thought to be very light and strong, and since they’ve been researched for decades, there have been those who thought they would never exist.

The problem was that polymers consist of a series of units called monomers that are difficult to control molecularly, but if the monomer is not built into the polymer at the right angle but is turned upside down, it makes the material’s three-dimensional structure and destroys he-she.

To create a new type of polyamide, 2DPA-1, Professor Michael Strano and colleagues solved the problem with a special solution containing melamine that ensured the material could grow in only two dimensions: hydrogen bonds held together.

Polka dot but strong

Photo: Kristen Danilov, MIT

The new materials have so far been made into super-strong films, but they can also be used to inflate cell phones, make cars, or even build.

Plastics aren’t usually imagined as the weight bearing parts of buildings, but we can do new things with them

Strano wrote on his blog.

(Interesting geometry)

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