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Catalog – Tech-Science – National Institute of Oncology’s 100th Intervention Robotic Surgery

The two institutions have reached a milestone with more than a hundred interventions since January, and the robotic surgery education and training program could be launched, Chapa Polgar, director general of the National Cancer Institute (OOI), said at the press conference. simulation.

The first operation under the program took place on January 21, and 200-200 surgeries with the Da Vinci X robot are targeted to close the project next February.

The Director General noted that the launch of the Robotic Surgery Program in Hungary was made possible by the funding of 1.3 billion HUF for the Operational Program for Human Resource Development in the Consortium.

Robotic arms make operations more accurate

According to Csaba Polgár, the program is progressing well, with Social Security funding 75-75 robot-assisted interventions per institution by November, and admissions for another 200-200 surgeries will be resolved.

The surgeon operates with four robotic arms, so the operation can be performed more accurately, the image of the surgical area can be greatly enlarged, and the surgeon sees the operation in three dimensions.

Zoltan Novak, Senior Physician, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, OOI. Robotic surgery time is shortened, the patient recovers faster after the operation, and spends less time in the hospital.

Csaba Polgár also revealed the use of a similar robot at Semmelweis University, and it is scheduled that by the end of the year, robotic-assisted surgeries will be available at three rural medical universities.

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