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Catalog – Tech-Science – Nineteenth and Fifth Pannonian Sasle National Stocks Completed

The 19th and 5th National Inventories of SASL in Pannonia have been completed. In a total of six participating Central European countries, approximately 1,300 eagles, 628 imperial eagles, 16 reed eagles, and eight black eagles were observed. In addition to the eagle species, the experts also surveyed more than 13,000 specimens from 13 other species of raptors, the Hungarian Ornithological Society and Nature Conservation (MME) MTI reported.

In January of this year, for the nineteenth time, he organized the annual Hunger Winter Count in Hungary The The Hungarian Ornithological and Conservation Society in collaboration with the National Park Departments and other nature conservation NGOs.

As part of the EU-funded PannonEagle LIFE project, for the fifth time since 2018, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment has reported a joint winter eagle map of the Carpathian Basin, observing more than 2,000 eagles despite the foggy weather.

The The projectIt was also joined by conservation organizations and specialists from neighboring countries. 660 Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Austrian, Serb and Romanian ornithologists have surveyed all important vulture sites in the Carpathian Basin, so they can get the most accurate picture possible of vulture species and numbers.

The total number of local notes is Covering 24 percent of the country’s land, which That means about 21,613 square kilometres. The surveys focused on the best habitats for eagles, so researchers counted a significant part of the national population in terms of eagle species, 837-855 grasshoppers and 405-407 imperial eagles.

Despite their seemingly large numbers of vultures compared to their highly protected status, vultures are still rare today. Based on the above data, about four eagles and about two imperial eagles were caught per hundred square kilometers in restaurants. In addition to the regional grouping of the four species of vultures, the Hungarian Survey covered all species of raptors, as in previous years.

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