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Catalog – Tech-Science – The Chinese probe showed the presence of water on the moon

China’s Chang’o-5 lunar probe detected the presence of water by analyzing the spectrum of light reflected from the moon’s surface. science progress From a scientific article published in a journal.

Named after the Chinese goddess of the moon ChangQ-5 It landed on the moon on December 1, 2020, and successfully returned to Earth on December 16, 2020 with a sample of 1,731 grams of rock.

Measurements were made with an onboard metal spectrometer before returning the instrument. Based on the data, the surface contained 120 parts per million (0.012 percent) of water near the landing site. This coincided with the previously expected value generated by the solar wind. A hollow piece of rock was also found to contain just over 180 parts per million of water. This piece of rock underwent a slight shock to the surface, which indicates that there is more water in the deeper layers of the moon’s surface.

drier than the desert

a ChangQ-5 So far it has been a pioneering mission because it was the first sample taken from the Moon since the Soviet Luna-24 mission in 1976. Measurements made by Lin Yangting and Lin Hongli of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences were the first to confirm the presence of water by measuring directly on The surface of the moon.

The upcoming missions of the Chinese lunar program (Chang’o-6, 7 and 8) will continue to search for water. The search and extraction of water is fundamental not only to establishing a permanent lunar base, but also to the conquest of Mars.

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True, of course, lunar dust contains one hundred percent more water than desert sand, but it is still better to extract it locally than to bring it to the site.

According to Global Times, the next step in the program, Changthe-7 He searches the south corner of the moon, and then comes there Changthe-6, which is also back to Earth with a pattern. the Changthe-8 will already complete the first stages of building an international lunar base.

(Global TimesAnd SciTechDaily)

(Cover Photo: The sample returned from the moon is on public display in Beijing in March 2021. Photo: Kevin Fryer/Getty Images Hungary)