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Catalog – Tech-Science – We Can Completely Switch to Renewable Energy

While the transition to renewable energy is becoming increasingly urgent, there is serious debate about whether this is feasible in practice. An international team of researchers is trying to close the issue once and for all with its latest research: their results show that the energy needs of advanced industrialized countries can be met with wind and solar power if energy storage infrastructure is built to balance intermittency. of energy production.

Wind and solar will cover 80 percent of demand in most locations, with no large storage or additional generator capacity at the critical point

Says Stephen Davis of the University of California.

However, depending on the country, there may be periods of several days per year when demand from energy storage or any other non-fossil source must be met in a zero-carbon future.

he added.

Renewable energy sources, wind turbines, can cover 72-91 percent of countries’ energy needs without energy storage. With a storage capacity of 12 hours, it can be raised to 83-94 percent – in such a system, solar energy will already be the main source of energy.

All this, of course, presupposes appropriate capacity building, and the research has focused not so much on productive capabilities but on their reliability. Not only is the amount of wind and sunlight needed to produce renewable energy systems, but the population and energy needs are also changing. According to the models, it will be easier to move to countries in the larger south as they can rely more on solar energy.

Smaller northern countries such as Germany are likely to need energy reserves, of course, combining resources from Danish wind power to Spanish solar and building long-term energy stocks will help address the problem.

Based on historical data, countries far from the equator can sometimes experience periods of dark windlessness when light and wind energy is limited.

Dan Tong of Tsinghua University in China noted.

Recently there was such a time in Germany, which lasted for two weeks, forcing the Germans to start power plants with fossil fuels.

he added.

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However, in the case of the United States, 85 percent of the energy demand can be met by wind and solar energy, but this can be better achieved by involving other countries.

Analysts did not take into account the costs of building renewable capacity or the losses incurred in energy transmission.

There are clear geophysical barriers around the world in the production of renewable energy. The point is that we need to differentiate between what is difficult and uninhabitable. It would be difficult to completely eliminate fossil fuels from the energy mix, but we can achieve it if technical, economic and social policy goals all point in the same direction.

Davis said.

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