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Catalog – Technical Sciences – Breathtaking footage: Heavenly eyes photographed by Hubble

The Hubble Space Telescope succeeds with its Wide Field Camera 3 to capture NGC 5728 with a highly active Galaxy Core spiral galaxy. The galaxy, also known as the eye of a celestial cyclone, is located 130 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Libra.

The ‘eye of a hurricane’ in the image captured by WFC3’s infrared sensors as bright as NGC 5728 sievert galaxy. This means focusing on one giant black hole They are located, the radiation of which is attenuated by galactic dust and gases surrounding the nucleus, so that, unlike quasars, both the nucleus and the galaxy can be observed. Another special feature of the space telescope image is that the stars in the system do not shine outside the core.

Hubble WFC3-ma Photo published by the European Space Agency (ESA). They wrote in their paper that a lot of things are happening in and around NGC 5728 that Earth-based devices cannot capture, such as the energy emitted by the nucleus in the electromagnetic spectrum. However, the European Space Agency you risk itthat without the dust and gas surrounding the core, minimal radiation from the core could be recorded at both infrared and optical wavelengths.

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