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Catalog – Technical Sciences – Spotted deer born in Szeged Game Park

Three spotted deer calves were born in Szeged Game Park. Manager Robert Vibrik told MTI that visitors who make a little noise can keep a close eye on it.

Photo: Lajos Endredi / Szeged Game Park / Facebook

The subtropical, tropical origin of the spotted deer is shown by the fact that they do not have a definite mating season, so their calves can be born even in the middle of winter, as happened in Szeged now.

Young deer are quite shy, they immediately bump into the parade, but visitors who watch quietly, and make little noise, can also observe the deer family up close.

The species is named after the spotted white spots like a bean on a reddish-brown or yellowish-brown coat, a pattern that helps them hide. Because of its beauty, the species has been introduced to many places in the world: Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina and even Europe. However, the climate in Western and Central Europe is too harsh for spotted deer, and they can only survive the winter with human help, so there are greater numbers of them only in game parks on the continent in England and Germany.

The first spotted deer arrived at Szeged Game Park in the Czech Republic in 2018, and they have already been breeding in the following years. Newcomers have been at other zoos so far, but calves born in winter can be seen in Seagd until summer.

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