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Catalog – Technical Sciences – The operating room was delivered in the twenty-second century for traumatology

Jenny Manninger Institute of Traumatology Not only the biggest in Hungary casualty care center, But it is also among the first in Europe. Between 12,000 and 13,000 surgeries are performed on three hundred and sixty beds per year, which is a 11 percent of internal infections and 40 percent of cases are in Budapest and central Hungary.

Here, a hybrid operating room with the latest technological solutions from HUF 1.2 billion has been developed, in which an operating room for imaging and operations has been established, that is, the necessary imaging examinations can be performed without moving or moving a patient.

The already delivered operating room represents the 22nd century with the so-called non-invasive imaging diagnostics

The most prominent director of the institute. Tamas Bodzai They emphasized that their priority is the care of the seriously injured, with neurosurgery and neurotrauma playing a prominent role.

Arpad Viola, Head of the Department of Neurosurgery, added that there are not many high-tech operating rooms in the world to care for patients with spine and neurosurgery. The room is also equipped with O-Arm devices, which is an X-ray imaging that shows the affected part of the body in approximately three dimensions during surgery, and the imaging can be repeated at any time during the surgery.

Miklos Kassler, Minister of Human Resources, noted, upon delivery, that the health news for the past year and a half has been mostly about the coronavirus pandemic, but that developments were not late.

The goal of these developments is to bring Hungarian health care up to date

– The Prime Minister announced, recalling that That the rural care system has been revamped from 500 billion Swiss francs in the past ten years, and now health care in the central region is being developed from 700 billion Swiss francs from government sources. It is renovated as part of it

  • 13 hospitals in the capital
  • 11 national institutes and
  • 32 specialized clinics

But not only will infrastructure be improved, but investments will also be made in medical and digital technology.

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