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Catalog – Technology – Science – Astronomers discover a new radio source of unknown origin in outer space

The source and nature of the source are unknown and require further investigation. Radio sources are usually different objects in the universe that emit a relatively large amount of radio waves. The strongest sources of this radiation include pulsars (fast-spinning neutron stars), nebulae, and quasars (stellar-like radio sources).

A team of astronomers from Western Sydney University in Australia led by Joel Balzan are discovering a new radio source. mentioned whose true nature remains uncertain.

The origin of the questionable discovery

NGC 2082 observed using a radio telescope a powerful point-like radio source located 20 arcseconds from the galactic center. NGC 2082 is a G-type spiral galaxy in the constellation of Dorado, about 60 million light-years from Earth, and about 33,000 light-years in diameter.

Preliminary analyzes indicate that the radio source will not be a pulsar or supernova remnant because its source is more thermal. The most likely possibility is that J054149.24-641813.7

An extragalactic background source, a radio galaxy, or an active galactic nucleus.

The research material published on this topic has not yet been the subject of professional review study have been shown.

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