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Celebrandi: Viktória Jázmin told about her aggressive ex-husband, because of which they wanted to send him to psychotherapy

I started on Monday festive, RTL’s new dating show, where celebrities want to find a partner. in the first part Dallos Boogie And Betty Puskas Get to know the actors and find out what kind of partner they would like to have. Jasmine Victoria They betrayed himYou like to feel calm with men. In the past three or four years, the 22-year-old model and beauty queen has learned who she doesn’t want to be with. Aggression and cheating don’t fit into any relationship whatsoever, they were all part of it.

I don’t like physical aggression at all. There was one. In the past two years, since I broke up with my ex-wife, I have had a lot of anxiety. Which is fine with my work anyway, because I work better without feelings, but I turn off feelings. You couldn’t say anything that would hurt me, nothing… I haven’t been able to cry since then, even though I was so passionate and in love. I’m not saying I want to be like this again, because I can’t do well in life. It brought a lack of positivity into my career, but not into my relationships

– the girl explained, adding that in any case she is open to a new relationship and wants to find someone. Like he said, he has his complaints and knows what to watch out for, but he’s not stuck in the past.

That was a very toxic relationship I was in. There were cases when they said: “Yasmin, you need to go to psychotherapy, because you will break down.” Maybe the reason I’m celibate so far is because I had to process it, because the next one isn’t worth taking my old stuff with me into my new relationship.

– said Viktória Jázmin on the program.

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