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Changes in the profile of the women’s magazine | women’s page

From September 1, Virág Vass will continue her work as a cultural ambassador for Nők Lapja. At the same time, almost all Nők Lapja products will be produced by an integrated editorial team. The team leader will be Eva Akovas, who has been in charge of several of the brand’s periodicals for a long time.

The women’s page Virág Vass, who won a competition in 1991 as a student at the Faculty of Foreign Trade, continues to serve as its cultural ambassador.

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Thanks to this, he received a job offer from the women’s newspaper, among other things, where he worked as a senior employee, and at the age of twenty-five he became deputy editor-in-chief, and as of January 1, 2021 he became editor-in-chief of the newspaper. Virág Vass successfully revamped the magazine in the spring of 2021: under her leadership, the weekly received a new, modern look and feel, women’s page A very successful reading campaign and as a new extension for the brand women’s page also wrote. As a cultural ambassador, he will continue to actively participate in the highly successful reading campaign, and will lead literature-related projects that will strengthen the brand’s position in the field.

The head of the integrated editorial office will be Eva Akovac, who currently holds the position of Women’s Seasons MagazineAnd the healthAnd the psychology And the beauty Editor in Chief.

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The stomach part is still Zsófia Kajári, while still NL esoteric It will be produced under the leadership of Clara Eising. Éva Akovács has been working in the publishing house since 2003. During his career, he has been the editor-in-chief of several magazines and has been involved in several successful magazine editions and renovations. His name is attributed to MaximumThe healthThe Women’s Seasons MagazineThe Journal of Women’s Psychology, Journal of Women’s Health and the Women’s beauty magazine Management as well.

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Viraj’s work as a writer is of unique value women’s page For, we are so glad that you continue to represent women’s paget in this new role. The integrated editorial office will be in the hands of an excellent specialist in the person of Eva Akovac and will make it possible to exploit the maximum synergy of content, apply innovative solutions and deepen cost-effective operations on a uniquely broad product range,” said Tímea Lipták, Business Director of Central Media Group.

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The women’s page The brand family has been continuously expanded in recent years and currently serves a wide range of readers with the most complex product range: Women’s magazine, nő, Women’s magazine seasons, Women’s health magazine, Women’s psychology magazine, Women’s magazine special issues (garden, spring, summer, coming, winter, beauty, interior), Women’s kitchen magazine, Women’s magazine Kitchen dessert, magazine Women Free, Nők Lapja Esotéria, NL Astrological Forecast And the women’s page Wrote.

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