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Chef VIP: An exciting decision has been made about Sandi, we have the new leak

Jenő Rácz, Zé Fördős and Ákos Sárközi decided that another star had to leave the kitchen, who no longer had a chance to win the main prize.

We had another intense day at Chef VIP, but this time also, someone had to leave the kitchen. Goodbyes are always difficult, especially when one approaches the final.

At the end of the day, a competitor from Jenő Rácz and Ákos Sárközi stood before the chefs, who had to make the decision. Szandi and Rába Timi gave the weakest performance, so it was decided between them who should leave.

They’ve been in the race for a long time and have been really strong, but they may never have been among the favourites. Szandi and Timi were already on the verge of elimination, but this time they could stand in the danger zone at the same time.

Zee had pointed out beforehand, it was a tough decision for them, and eventually Sandy had to leave, so Timmy got another chance. Timmy vaguely accepted the decision, happy on one side and sorry for Sandy on the other. “Then I can’t selflessly rejoice.”

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As he put it, happiness can’t be pure from that, but he has to get over it now, because Sandy didn’t fall for her. Ákos said Sandy was the engine of his team and mobilized such energies in the kitchen that he had the pleasure of watching.

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