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Chelsea: Lukaku could return to Italy on loan

Last year, Inter sold Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea for 113 million euros, and now the striker can return to Milan on loan.

with pleasure? (Photo: AFP)

Due to financial problems, he sold a Belgian striker from Manchester United last summer for 74 million euros, Romelu Lukakut Inter to Chelsea but did not go for him in London, finished the season with 15 goals in 44 matches, did not score eight and then ten consecutive league games, did not score a goal; He was only successful in the group stage of the Champions League.

Lukaku does not fit the tactics invented by Thomas Tuchel, in addition, the striker is 29 years old and cannot be sold for big money for a long time. Inter is now asking for a loan, and the trade press does not know about the purchase option.

Sky Sports UK and Sky Sport Italia report that the British also tend to borrow, but while they are asking for ten million euros for Lukaku for one season, the Italians are only offering five million. Chelsea asked for another 24 million in the first hearing… Paulo DebalatAnd definitely keep it Lautaro Martinez.

Lukaku, who was still a Chelsea player between 2011 and 2014, wants to switch, perhaps because of the Winter World Cup, to half his salary in London, or six million instead of €12 million a year, of course on a net basis – and let’s not forget that two factors From abroad to Italy enjoy a large tax deduction for up to a year.

Inter, in the meantime, wants to sell Eden Gekko, Joaquin Correa In vain call Marseilles, Arturo Vidal you can go to flamingo, To Alexis Sanchez And they will give four million euros, only to terminate the contract with the club …

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Ivan Perisic, Andrea Ranocchia and Aleksandar Kolarov And the Matthias Vecino His contract was not renewed.

The national team explodes in the summer Wilfried Gonto He left Inter for free last year, but his dad says he’s dreaming of a comeback – since the striker has already been a national team four times, getting him back wouldn’t be a cheap pleasure either.