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“Cherchesov became the most successful Russian coach” «lli út 129.

In Russia, the doubling of Fradi also had a positive effect, and speculation began about the future of Cherchesov.

As usual, the Russian press also covered Frady’s trophy win in detail. No device reported the match through its correspondent. They highlighted the good atmosphere created by the fans and the particularly attractive play for Faraday in their opinion, as well as the fact that despite Faraday’s success in the league, he had not won the Cup in 5 years, until the last time he was. doubled in 2016.

They also did not skimp on words of appreciation for their compatriots. And the comments indicate that although many people in Russia attacked because of the national team, Stanislav Cherchesov not only licked his wounds, but also proved successful with Individual after Legia, and is clearly the most successful Russian coach at the international level. the level.

A number of experts were also asked about the work of Stanislav Salamovich, and some were quoted:

Vyacheslav KoloskovHonorary President of the Russian Football Federation: “It is not surprising that Cherchesov presented with Ferencvaros. Not a street guy. He was an excellent athlete and then a coach all his life. Wherever he worked, he achieved success everywhere, built the game everywhere, his teams were always motivated. It continues to improve to this day. We should be very proud of our results. Cherchesov is a successful coach. He won titles in Poland and left a noticeable mark in Russian football. It is the gold standard of the Russian training workshop. Will he return to Russia? First of all, have you ever been contacted? So far, I’ve only heard rumors, nothing concrete. And secondly, whether he himself wants to return. Obviously, it is not easy for him to work there. The situation around the Russians is very tense. Emotions are rampant, much hatred and russophobia. Of course, it would be more convenient for him to work in Russia. However, for this, the opinion of the club must coincide with the coach himself.

TerioskovAnthem Bureau member:Stanislav Salamovic is a professional. He has shown in all his clubs and the Russian national team that he can achieve the best results. We can only congratulate him on his success in Hungary and we can only admire his talent. It appears on the European stage that Russian coaches are also able to achieve the best results. Cherchesov himself chose Ferencvaros, but his coaching skills will come in handy in Russia. Let’s hope you choose one of the Russian clubs soon. We have a contract with Joran, if not, we would of course like to see Stanislav Salamovic on the bench.

Boris IgnatievFormer captain of the Russian national team:Cherchesov proved to be an exceptional professional. Whatever job you do, the result is everywhere. Stanislav did not collapse after the feud with the national team in a controversial way, but chose Ferencvaros, with whom he triumphed over the course of the season. Next move to one of the top 5 European Championships. He is fluent in foreign languages ​​so he will need no time at all to adapt to Germany.