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Chess: Richard Ruther makes it to the finals at the Grand Prix in Belgrade

Richard Renser reached the final at the Chess Grand Prix in Belgrade after a 66-step tie against Maxime Vacher-Lagrave in the second semi-final, defeating the French division by 1.5:0.5.

Big success for Rapport in the final in Belgrade (Image: FIDE)

harmony with clarity He won the first match Against France’s Maxime Vacher-Lagrave on Wednesday, so a tie in the rematch on Thursday was enough to advance. However, the best Hungarian master did not enter into a risk-free opening in the dark, trying to make things more difficult for his rival by sacrificing an officer. The Frenchman found no catch at Rapport, although he had been thinking for more than half an hour before one of his steps. In a difficult situation, Vachier-Lagrave eventually returned the officer, and after several substitutions, the situation was simplified to a draw.

However, Rapport later had to go through difficult moments after inaccurate steps, but managed to save the job and In step 66 the desirable Remy was born, Besides the final pass 1.5:0.5.

And in the final, the opponent of Rapport will be Russian Dmitry Andrejkin or Dutchman Anish Gehry. It’s a good sign that these two guys are still playing Friday as the classic 1:1 ends. This allows Rapport to sit at a more relaxed table than on Saturday.

The Grand Prix series consists of three tournaments, two in Berlin and one in Belgrade, but everyone can play in just two of the 24 players’ total court. The German capital will host the final competition from March 21 to April 4.

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Based on the final results of each tournament, the following points will be awarded:

Winner: 13 points
Final Loser: 10
Semi-final loser: 7
Second group: 4
Third group: 2
Last group: 0

Overall, the top two in the GP Series will be placed in the Summer Tournament of World Champion Candidates, where the winner can challenge World Champion Norway Magnus Carlcent. The total prize money for each GP match is 150 thousand euros (about 53 million forints), and the winner is entitled to 24 thousand euros.

Rapport, who leads to the semi-finals in the previous tournament, is currently leading the overall standings – his advantage may increase if he wins the final – but it also depends on the results of the competitors behind him – Rapport does not play in this tournament – whether you win one of the top two places. Also playing in the third tournament will be Hikaru Nakamura, the winner of the first tournament, Levon Aronian (Aronjan) in the second and Linar Dominguez (the three Americans) in the first tournament.

SAKK, Grand Prix Series
Station 2, Belgrade
Semi-finals, game 2

Maxime Vacher Lagrave (French, 2761) – Rapporteur Richard (2762) drawing
Score: 1.5: 0.5 in favor of Rapport