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Chili-vili, a luxury star show, was the wedding of Dallos Bogi

Betty Puskas His friends took him while camping boogie a SkyBarban high note Entertaining Hungarian lady with celebrity stripes.

In addition to Mesi Sarkadi-Szabó, Cinthya Dictator, Eszti Iszak, Fruzsi Viszkok and Dóri Gyuricza also paid their respects at the event.

We always knew this day would come once for both of us, but his experience was more than amazing. This is a children’s girls sticker!! It was (also) everything that made the evening forever memorable – storm, magic (not Mike), barefoot dancing, whatever it took. And at the wedding, there will also be a table dance. JUHUUU, can’t believe itMiss Sarkadi-Zabo wrote on her Instagram page.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but WELCOME TO MY GIRLS. Tweet embed To his team that this wonderful evening had been organized for me. I will never forgetThe famous bride wrote.

Peti Puskás said a more conservative goodbye to her unmarried years, but also checked in on Instagram: “Thank you guys for the unforgettable bachelor party, cocoa party, pong pong, vegan barbecue, jungle night hike and most of all we were able to experience all the festival atmosphere together without a festival! We brought her with lots and lots of shared memories!

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