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China warns: British prepare nuclear weapons for Beijing “Earth seizure”: “We will use them” | United Kingdom

Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace released a report on the Defense Command this week, outlining the shape and size of the Armed Forces for the next decade. Britain’s high investment in the upgrade of the Trident nuclear system and other high – tech restructuring has ensured that the army is reduced by about 10,000 troops. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he feared the changes would “be more effective, and more, dangerous and effective around the world.”

Drummond, a former British official and government security adviser, said this was a clear “message” to Beijing.

He told, “If China starts losing its weight too much, it could pick up Taiwan or Hong Kong.

But what if you occupy land in Russia or Africa?

“I can see China doing something [like that] We decide that this is not acceptable in another country.

We can respond by expelling them in the usual ways, but then they can pose a threat to a nuclear retaliation.

“It’s scary to talk about an expansion like this, but we can threaten it to the extent that we take it seriously when it happens.”

Britain has vowed to build closer defensive ties with Asian allies Japan, India and South Korea to counter the growing Chinese threat.

The Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth will enter East Asia later this year for joint exercises with Japan.

This article focused on resisting China’s uprising in the Indo – Pacific region, describing it as a “complex and methodical challenge.”

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This will be achieved by creating two small patrol vessels in the region from 2021 and a division of the Royal Navy from 2023.

But Drummond said upgrading Britain’s nuclear weapons could be a very effective move.

He added: “[Making sure they take us seriously] He was behind this announcement and the increase in the number of warships.

“It simply means we have nuclear weapons and we will use them in a disgraceful way.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“These things are so dangerous and deadly that they have kept the peace since the end of World War II.”

However, Drummond said he would like to see more traditional measures.

He continued, “I think both patrol units are too small to make a real impact.

However, they show commitment in the area.

They provide a break when you have to start major surgery in response to another.

“I don’t think anyone in Europe understands how big their conventional powers are – they are huge.

“I mean, an army of two million people – it’s huge – now how you handle it is an issue.”