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Chinese foreign minister travels to South Korea to hear about North Korean weapons tests

He arrived in South Korea on Tuesday Fang Ji Chinese Foreign Minister to negotiate Tsung Joy Jung With the South Korean Foreign Minister on North Korea after the long run of the latter Robotic aircraft maneuverability test.

According to South Korea’s presidential office, ministry leaders will exchange views in their Wednesday meeting on North Korean missile tests and how Pyongyang can be persuaded to return to the negotiating table. According to the news, he will receive the Chinese Foreign Minister in office Moon Dai In Also the president of South Korea.

Meanwhile, senior diplomats who attended a trilateral meeting between Japan, the United States and South Korea on North Korea in the Japanese capital urged North Korea to return to talks on its missile and nuclear development. The meeting was attended by Sung Kim, US special envoy to North Korea, Noo Kjo-dok, South Korean Foreign Ministry’s special envoy for peace and security on the Korean Peninsula, and Funakose Takehiro, head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry for Asian and Oceanic Affairs. .

The US special envoy noted that the three countries are open to diplomacy with North Korea to make significant progress, which will increase the security of the United States and its allies. Kim urged North Korea to respond positively to the offer on several occasions, without imposing preconditions.North Korea reported through its KCNA news agency on Monday that it had successfully tested a long-range maneuverable aircraft over the weekend. According to the report, the combat equipment flew 1,500 km during test launches over the weekend and crashed into the sea in the territorial waters of North Korea, reaching its targets.

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Analysts say this could be the first type of maneuverable robotic aircraft in Pyongyang’s command that can also carry a nuclear warhead. It is not yet clear whether the Pyongyang regime has managed to develop nuclear warheads small enough for its robotic planes, however, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un described the development of such devices as one of his country’s main goals earlier this year.

Negotiations on North Korea’s denuclearization stalled at the Hanoi summit of former US presidents Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump in February 2019 after North Korea demanded that it completely give up Washington’s nuclear arsenal, while not allowing Pyongyang’s demand to ease international measures in return.

US President Joe Biden’s government has shown its willingness to negotiate North Korea’s denuclearization, but has so far refrained from easing sanctions pressure.