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Christine Lagarde: We will decide interest rates when the time is right

“Monthly net purchases under the APP will be €40 billion in April, €30 billion in May and €20 billion in June. Calibration of net purchases for the third quarter will be based on data and will reflect the evolution of the Board of Directors’ assessment of the outlook.” Writes the statement.

This means that the central bank has not yet set a specific date for the end of the application, only to indicate more strongly that the program may end in the third quarter. It was clear from the March minutes that the Temple members were already going to explicitly announce the APP’s withdrawal at the time, but it appears they weren’t able to do so even at the April meeting.

“In addition, the Governing Council intends to continue to fully reinvest in the redemption of maturities of bonds purchased under the APP for a longer period after starting to raise the key interest rates of the European Central Bank, but in any case for as long as necessary to maintain favorable liquidity conditions and loose monetary policy to Somewhat “. – Countries in contact.

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