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Chrome’s security feature is greatly accelerated

Plus, as a positive side effect, you can work with significantly less battery life.

For computers that become available, Google Chrome 92, installed instances of the browser will be automatically updated to the latest major version within days, and the installation suite will Official Website Next to ABOUT ORIGO SOFTWARE BASE It can also be downloaded. The program did not bring any obvious innovations at first glance, however, when used with a laptop, it can quickly appear as if it lasted longer than the battery.

Google Chrome 92Source: Origo

This is because the phishing subsystem, which tries to detect phishing sites, has accelerated an average of fifty times, and instead of the previous 1.8 seconds, it usually runs in 100 milliseconds. Thus, not only is the unit able to start ringing an alarm faster, but it requires much less processor time to run, which can have a beneficial effect on battery life.

Other Chrome 92 improvements include increased isolation of running processes on computers to include security, which may include extensions already installed on the browser. Finally, it is interesting that 35 vulnerabilities have also been patched in the latest version of Chrome, with no significant ratings among the fixes.

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