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Cigarto talked about Boksa without mentioning Russia and Putin

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto spoke from Luxembourg after the April meeting of EU foreign ministers FacebookTo say that after Ukraine indicated its need for another arms transfer, they voted to increase the European Peace Framework by another 500 million euros. “We did not block this decision,” the Hungarian foreign minister said, but added that the Hungarian government would continue to insist “we do not supply arms to Ukraine.”

Most importantly, speak ABOUT BOXA.

“We are unfortunately witnessing the consequences of horrific and inhumane acts that we previously thought were unimaginable in Europe in the twenty-first century. We also urge an international investigation as soon as possible into everything that happened, whether in Buka or any other settlement in Ukraine. Everyone must be punished. responsible for these horrific acts.” Said Szijjártó, who did not mention Russia or Vladimir Putin’s name in his phrases. But he added, “At the same time, we reject outrageous false news campaigns that have not only questioned this Hungarian position, but have been portrayed in a completely false way in recent days. Unfortunately, more and more of this fake news has been spewing from our neighbours.”

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