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Claudia Liptai burst into tears when she saw herself in the mirror: that’s why she was overthrown in The Teacher’s Casting – Hungarian Star

In July 2019, it turned out Claudia clips Join the Highly Successful RTL Klub Series: The Teacher Succeeds in Season 3 as a Maths Teacher.

She also received many appreciative comments and fan reactions on her filming, and the actress also praised the actress on her show Sweet Two, which she co-hosted with her husband on 95.8 Slager FM. Claw talked about how he got the role.

Claudia Liptai as a mathematics teacher

It wasn’t an easy task at all when she first had to mold the math teacher in the Teacher series: Seeing her changing appearance, she was completely desperate.

– I was invited to the casting, as I had to read and play a few lines with Elek Feri. I thought a lot about how it would look, even though I knew nothing of the character. I was sure I would ignore tough makeup because no director would like it. Ultimately, she decided to wear a long, fiery red dress. Then it turned out that he had to play a math teacher. Fortunately, it went well, that I was finally selected from twenty actresses, which I was very happy with, ”he began telling the story.

“Barbara Lantos ‘wardrobe was emptied in front of me on my first dress test. Little knitted sweater, clothes with buttons and weird colors. Then they” licked “and then combed my hair sideways. I just drew that if anyone saw that, it would say,’ That’s Liptai but it looks like Bad! ”

I don’t hide, I even cried out!

Liptai admitted on a radio show with Adam Pataki, which one of the directors tried to calm down by saying he was still too beautiful.

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“He tried to get close to the wrong end, but it was clear that he only wanted to help.” On the other hand, I was thinking that if we change this a lot already, don’t do it with my hair, because that’s not enough and it really looks bad.

He got a brown wig that could no longer be used to say Claudia Liptai paint badly, but rather a new character was born, Barbara Lantos.

He told me on the radio show, “It’s another matter that this character, even with her own wardrobe and brown hair, brings out exactly the kind of things I don’t like seeing in myself anyway.”

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Cover photo: TV2