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Claudia Liptai herself cried when she first encountered what she would look like in The Teacher

In front of the brown wig, something else was styled with her hair.

Claudia clips On a radio program with her husband The sweet duoat the teacher A character in the series. He said that while he was very pleased with being awarded the role of math teacher Barbara Lantos in Season 3, he donned to confront the character.

On her first gown test, Barbara Lantus’ wardrobe was emptied frontally. Small knitted sweater, button-down clothes and exotic colors. Then they “licked” my hair aside. She just drew that if someone saw her she would say “This is leptai but she looks bad! I’m not hiding, I even cried out of sight.”

He started Liptai, and finally he invented it himself to wear a wig.

I thought if we were going to change that a lot, don’t do it with my hair because it just wasn’t enough and it looked really bad. She got a brown wig from somewhere and we looked at that character with her. It was actually something that couldn’t be said to paint me poorly, but rather that a new character was born in the person of Barbara Lantos. It’s another matter that even this character – with her signature wardrobe and brown hair – brings out exactly the kind of things I don’t like seeing myself anyway.

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