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Claudia Liptai’s husband spoke honestly about her private life: “It was difficult to break up”

The topic of dating was Claudia Liptai and Adam Pataki in “Sweet Two”, reviving experiences not only good but also less good.

Photo: Hit FM

“My first date was very different from most, as I was dating a co-worker. We already knew each other, so there wasn’t much planning or surprise either. However, later on I became very determined in the field,” recalls Udam Pataki, who Having a hard time getting to know the divorce, I planned not only the time, where, how the first date would happen, but also about the date of the first kiss.

The separation was difficult. I always thought, poor other party, how you would feel. In most cases, the divorce was more like a mutual agreement, but there was one agreement I had left. In fact, it also so happened that he did not work with someone because he found him to be very magnanimous. Surprises, flower, saliva too much for himThe confectioner recalls the past, whose wife also came out of good and bad experiences.

“When I was a teenager, I had poor choices, I usually broke up after 3 months too, and I was afraid that he would come with me soon. The separation usually goes smoothly, except for one case. I was 19-20, my current boyfriend – a German man – we arranged a date I planned to tell you it was over. He arrived drunk, but I told him what I wanted. It was not well received, not so much that I had to push it away from myself. However, as there was already too much to drink, he slipped and fell. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt, and we even exchanged a few words, but we shut it down there, too. It was the coolest “dating experience” of my own, especially since I had already arrived with the intention of breaking up.Claudia Liptay revealed on 95.8 Hit FM.

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