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Claudia Liptay: I love workers who smoke after me and I hate Mito

According to the actress, the movement did not achieve its goal, as they went too far to the side of the horse.

Claudia Liptay was the latest guest on Partizan, who was highly critical of Mito’s campaign and the women behind the movement, who said it was trying to spread an extremist idea. Article 24 h. The actress put it this way: Everything in life is governed by love and hunger, and

Blocking human instincts in this way is not necessarily the right way to achieve a goal.

He agreed that victims of sexual harassment should have the opportunity to seek help and have their voices heard, but said the movement had failed to achieve its goal because

They went too far to the side of the horse, and it was as if their task was to castrate men.

Although he first replied that there had been no harassment of him or the women around him, he later said that there were more:

“…But for this I did not want to cut off the head of every man. In all this it seems to me that there is a castration. A tsunami.”

And this is another matter, he says, because he has a strong character and says no, and the acting profession, for example, deals with immediacy and touches completely differently.

Photo: Facebook, Klaudia Liptai’s official website

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