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Climate change – how to tell future generations today what we’ve done for the earth

Inspired by the data recorder on aircraft, the Earth’s black box will be built in 2022 on the west coast of Tasmania, in a geographically and politically stable region. Project participants include artists, researchers and professionals from Clemenger BBDO Marketing Communications for Researchers at the University of Tasmania.

“Earth’s black box is a structure and a tool that captures every step humanity takes toward or in the face of an impending climate catastrophe,” said brainchild Jim Curtis, Clemenger BBDO’s Creative Director.

He noted that the black box would provide the world with data on climate change, as well as hold world leaders accountable and give lessons to future generations.

“If the worst happened and we ‘collapsed’ as a result of climate change, this indestructible box would stay there and capture all the details. So anyone left behind or anyone who finds it afterwards can learn from our mistakes,” Curtis said.

The ten-meter metal monolith is designed to withstand natural disasters, and is powered by solar and thermal energy. The tool connects to the Internet and uses an algorithm to regularly collect data on climate change and then store it automatically.

Netbook: Pixabay

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